Hello everyone!!! This is Monica from Moni'sMani! I am so excited for the opportunity to actually write a guest post for the amazing ColorSutraa! OMG! I cannot even believe my luck! Thank you so much for the opportunity honey! For a newbie like me these types of experiences are greatly appreciated and often unreachable. So thank you soo much! So, for you and your lovely readers I wanted to do something pretty and springy since it's been raining here in NJ a lot lately. I was really dying to see sun and flowers. Of course our nails are always the perfect canvas to create that which we want to see and inspire us. I went with a white base (China Glaze Snow) because it's one of my favorite backgrounds for nail art and grabbed my acrylic paints, this is only the second time I use them! But I have to say they are way better than normal polish. Here are a couple of pics in which I hope you get the sense of how this mani was created.

colorsutraa white colorsutraa white 2

Pretty simple, isn't it? I think it's all definitely about the little details you add at the end. Here's the finished mani, I do hope you like it as I've tried my best to create something pretty for you!

colorsutraa 1 colorsutraa  2

Thank you again for this opportunity! And please do not forget to visit my pages below.

Xoxo Monica :) Blog

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