Amy's Nail Boutique--Purple Prism

OK, my beloved followers! The next in the holo line-up from Amy's Nail Boutique is MY PERSONAL ALL-TIME FAVORITE from her--Purple Prism, a stunning, mega-holo dark purple that EASILY compares to Glitter Gal Dark Purple, Ozotic 513 or Enchanted Awesomeness (yes, I have all 3 and would be happy to do a comparison post if you all would like to see!). This polish is just...dreamy! I have no other words. This one, as the pics will hopefully show you, has truly rendered me speechless.

Formula and application both were completely easy and I used 2 generous coats for the photos below. No streaking, no dragging, no long drying periods between coats and the result? Just phenomenal!

I'll let the pictures do all the talking for this one!

Bottle shots!

On the nail, automatic setting!

With flash!

Goodness! This one is OUTSTANDING, Amy has really outdone herself with this one! If none of my other swatches have you stampeding to Amy's Etsy shop, I do hope this one does! EVERYONE needs to add this to their collection! You can find the full-size 15 mL bottle of Purple Prism HERE for the completely affordable price of $10 plus shipping!

Love this? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Til next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions (and excessive enthusiasm) are my own.****

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