You Polish and her penchant for phenomenal jellies!

Oh, tonight I have a treat for you!! I've been absolutely chafing at the bit waiting for my nails to grow out just a tad just so I could show you two GORGEOUS jelly glitter creations from Lauren of You Polish. It's been a torturous wait and, though my nails still aren't at their very best, I could wait no longer!!! So, without further ado, I present to you STARdust and superSTARdom!

First! STARdust!

STARdust is an absolutely GORGEOUS blurple jelly with fuchsia, purple, holographic and iridescent hexes, stars and dots! I especially LOVE the large holo dots!

Look at the holo sparkle when the light hits it just right!! Oh-so-gorgeous!!

Here's a close-up, so you can see the different shapes and colors of glitter in there!

Next up! superSTARdom!

superSTARdom is a green-leaning teal jelly, with small black stars and squares, along with teal, turquoise, and blue hexes, squares and dots as well as small silver stars and holographic microglitter! This so reminds me of a tropical body of water, chock-full of pretty, elusive fish!

Again, look at the holographic sparkle, when the light hits it!! I love this so much!

The application of both these jellies was near-flawless. They went on smooth and most of the glitters came out super easily, except for some of the large holo dots. But with a little swishing around in the bottle with the brush, up they came! Which is good, because I know I don't have the patience to sit and place glitter with a toothpick! =D

I would imagine that these jellies would be opaque in 3 coats, but I used 2 coats over undies, a matte purple from Golden Rose in the case of STARdust and OPI Ogre the Top Blue in the case of superSTARdom. Then, it was one thick coat of HK Girl for a glossy, glass-like finish!

Love these jellies as much as I do? You can find full-size bottles at You Polish for $7.75 (before shipping) and they should be restocked by the end of this coming week! Also, do you have an idea for a polish of your own? Lauren makes fabulous customs!! How fabulous? Well, my namesake (which I'll show you in another post) is one by her!

I hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as I loved showing them to you!!

Til next time,

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