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Hi there, my darlings! Alrighty, my darlings! 3 more days...and I'm off to Toronto! YAY! But, while I settle in to a whole new city and a whole new life (hopefully, I'm going to be a little bit MIA. Just for a couple of weeks...and then I'll be back! So, I thought before I get going, why not stick to the theme and share a whole lot of newness with you all? This is a giant post of a whole lot of new Mally Beauty products I have tested recently--some I loved, some...not so much! Read on to find out which products fell in which categories!


Mally's iconic Evercolor Poreless Face Defender keeps shine under control and helps keep makeup looking fresh all day. This utterly sheer, super lightweight formula instantly diffuses the look of pores and fine lines for a soft focus effect, that is undetectable on the skin. Skin looks and feels soft, smooth and naturally flawless!

HOW TO USE: Tap, tap, tap; then pat, pat, pat for a smooth, shine-free, soft-focus finish! Tap the sponge onto the product. Never swipe or rub. Pat this innovative, sheer formula gently all over your face. Never swipe or rub. Use the rounded corners of the sponge to get into all those hard to reach places, such as side of nose and inner corners of your eyes.

I have to admit that I'm fairly new to the wonder of a good primer. I've never really used primers until very recently but I can honestly say that it has changed my makeup life. A good primer provides the perfect base for all over face products, be it perfect foundation coverage, pressed powder that doesn't end up patchy or chalky, or a highlighter that doesn't settle or accentuate those pesky pores.

This one is a particularly good primer in that it is lightweight, sheer and a little goes on a long way, leaving the skin smooth and ready for your favorite products. It took me a bit of time to perfect my patting technique, since my instinct was to blend like I do with a beauty blender, but once I got the hang of it, the results were well worth it!

Flawless Finish Transforming Effect Foundation ($38)

When it comes to delivering skin perfection, Mally has the magic touch! The dense foundation “cake” liquifies upon contact with your choice of applicator then melts onto skin, transforming to a thin, full-coverage layer. The compact features a fine mesh cover over the foundation to release the ideal amount for the most natural look. Apply using a foundation brush for an airbrushed finish, or use the compact sponge for on-the-go touchups. Flawless Finish is just what you need for a perfois skin day!

I absolutely love "cushion" foundations, finding them lightweight and the medium coverage quite appealing! The formula of this one allows for full coverage and a very easy blending for a lovely, natural-looking finish. Alas, the shade Tan was just not the perfect match for me, being a little too orange-y.

Complexion Perfection Soft Focus Foundation ($38)

The search for flawless skin is over. This lightweight, oil-free liquid foundation delivers full coverage for a seriously smooth, natural-looking complexion. Skin looks even, balanced and flawlessly fierce! This hydrating formula provides an immediate skin-soothing and smoothing effect, for naturally flawless skin!

H3 Concealer ($27)

Need an instant refresher for eyes? Mally's got you covered with her H3 Concealer! The creamy, long-wearing formula gives skin the look of radiance, blurring the appearance of imperfections and softening the look of fine lines. This silky concealer glides smoothly and easily over the fragile under-eye area, providing excellent coverage that lasts. Just blend and go. Simply gorgois!

A lightweight foundation that actually worked with my skin tone? Yes! The Complexion Perfection foundation in Tan is that magical formula that blends incredibly well, providing great coverage without the feeling of wearing a ton of makeup on your face. This just may end up replacing my go-to BB cream for warmer days!

I wasn't as lucky with the concealer shade as it was a bit TOO warm for me, I did like both the formula and the coverage so I look forward to trying another shade that works better to alleviate these perpetual, sleep-deprived dark circles.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Flawless Finish Founation in Tan, Complexion Perfection Foundation in Tan and H3 Concealer in Tan

Shimmer Shape & Glow ($40)

Want Mally’s secret for getting that superstar glow? This trio of perfect powders is all you need to create sculpting shadows, illuminating highlights and a warm glow for radiant skin.

First, the shimmer powder lifts and illuminates the cheekbones, giving you the bone structure that you have always dreamed of. Second, the shaping powder softly contours making you look like you lost five pounds. Lastly, the glow powder gives you a soft, warm hue to give you that lit-from-within glow.

While the middle contour shade was a little too light for proper contouring on my skin tone, I do like the highlighter shade for a more subtle, natural-looking highlight and absolutely love the warm, peachy blush shade!

Double-Ended Face Brush ($35)

With Mally's Double-Ended Face Brush you can easily achieve that all-over glow. Featuring a large powder brush on one end, for effortless application of your favorite foundation or powder, plus a smaller fluffy brush to accentuate areas of the face where you want to add an extra hint of radiance or shimmer.

Yes, this IS a bit on the pricier side for a single brush but keep in mind that this does the work for two brushes in one. And the both ends are unbelievably soft! I love how it feels while applying blush or pressed powder and just enough product is picked up for easy blending.


Open Up! Eyeshadow Quad (Set of 2) ($28 for each quad)

Open up and say, “Ohh!” These pro-curated shades complement all eye colors while creating a wide-eyed effect you’ll love. Mix and match the matte and shimmer shades for optimal depth and dimension. The velvety, talc-free powder, infused with nourishing Coconut Butter, wears all day for fierce, flattering stay-true color.

Shade options:
  • Everyday Nudes
  • Everyday Deep Neutrals

The Everyday Nudes quad is perfect for daytime wear or for travel, especially if you're going out of town for work. Perfectly portable and light, you have all the shades you need for a soft, professional eye look.

The Everyday Deep Neutrals quad was my personal favorite of the two. I like the deeper, richer colors for a bolder, more noticeable smokey eye.

Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra Velvet ($25 each)

Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra – the queen of multi-tasking and looking fierce all day long - now comes in a NEW velvet matte finish. These eye-flattering matte shades blend beautifully with no dragging or tugging and are perfect for subtle contouring and enhancing. You have 45 seconds of playtime until your eyeshadow is smudge-proof, transfer-proof, crease-proof, and of course, will last and last! Go for a sheer wash of color, or layer for more intensity. These versatile shadows also work well with Shadow Stick Extra shimmer shades.

Available in 10 shades, I tried 3:
  • Bliss
  • Peacock 
  • Slate

Super creamy and super pigmented, I love these handy little eyeshadow sticks, both to blend as a traditional eyeshadow or to add to the waterline for a bold pop of color. I mean, just look at how amazing Peacock looks!

CLOCKWISE: Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra Velvet in Bliss, Peacock and Slate

Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liner ($19 each)

Creamy, intense color for all-day fierce lining and defining! Mally’s Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liners instantly flatter and accentuate eyes – no smearing, tugging or fading. The long-wearing formula glides on for perfectly lined, gorgois eyes.

Available in 10 shades, I tried 3:
  • Gold Glimmer
  • Graphite
  • Sterling
  • Walnut

Definitely creamy and most definitely pigmented, my mother is a huge fan of these liners! She loves the roll-up packaging and the formula that works even in the heat of this tropical climate. I got a couple of extras in Gold Glimmer and Sterling so those I managed to sneak away for myself!

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liners in Gold Glimmer, Graphite, Sterling and Walnut

Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner Singles ($18 each)

Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliners are Mally’s best kept secret for high-performance and beautiful eyeliner looks that will take your eyes to the next level! These perfect pencils glide on easily, set up beautifully, and last all day. This award winning formula is transfer-proof, crease-proof, and best of all, waterproof! Eyeliners can be used to add definition or drama to the eyes and can even be worn as an eyeshadow. These babies are extremely versatile!
Available in a whopping 25 shades, I tried :
  • Pink Champagne
  • Caribbean Sea

While I love both shades and found them both very creamy and easy to apply, these were marred for me by the need to sharpen them. I cannot tell you how much I dislike having to locate a sharpener, keep it handy and sharpen an eyeliner pencil--you just never get the point you want!

More is More Mascara ($20)

More is More Mascara's rich, creamy formula coats each lash on the very first stroke, for perfect definition.

For a truly lush, "false lashes" effect, Mally designed a special brush to grip lashes and smooth the mascara out to the very tips for exceptional length and definition. Hello, drama mama!

The tip of the brush has additional bristles that provide the finishing touch for lashes that look larger than life!

It's all about that wand for me with this mascara! I love comb wands like this where you can sweep on tons of length, lift and volume. Definitely would purchase again and again, especially at this price point! Color me very impressed!

Brow Beauty Brow Fix in Taupe (Currently unavailable)
  • What is it: Brow Beauty Brow Fix is a perfect, brow product that shapes, controls, and lightly tints without stiffness, harsh lines, or flaky powders.
  • Why is it different: Brow Beauty Brow Fix is the one step tool that tames, shapes, and colors brows to frame the face beautifully. This unique formula combines soft, natural waxes and powders to give a natural-looking color, while shaping and smoothing brows for a polished,
  • beautiful frame for the face. Not flaky like powders or harsh like some pencils, Brow Fix is the touch-up tool that smoothes brows, imparts a soft natural tone, and looks naturally beautiful -- so naturally beautiful that one shade works for all hair colors.
  • How do I use it: Just stroke the lead easily in short upward motions to shape and tame the brow.

Honestly, this one just didn't work for me. I found the point too stubby and the shade Taupe wayyyy too light and unnatural on me. Sadly, this would be a pass for me.

So there you have it, my darlings! Mally Beauty products are available through their website HERE.

To discover other great products, you can follow Mally Beauty through the outlets below :


Have you tried anything Mally Beauty before? Any personal favorites? Tell me in the comments section below!

***Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.***


  1. I’m not a fan of the primer, but I am a fan of the eyeliners. I haven’t tried much else from Mally but like that it’s been at Ulta, so I can test things!

  2. I love Mally! The eyeshadow sticks and the Evercolor eyeliners are exceptional!

  3. Oh the eyeshadow quads look sooooo pigmented and creamy! I want one. I love the Evercolor Shadow Sticks!

  4. Sally makes some really fantastic makeup, and those two quads are gorgeous!

  5. Many of my friends love Face Defender! Glad to see you mention it.

  6. As crazy as it sounds I've never tried anything from Mally beauty! But I've heard a lot of great things about the Face Defender.

  7. I love those shadow sticks! I havent used Mally products in forever, but I love her passion and energy.

  8. I haven't used Mally in a long time but I've always really loved her!


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