Purple Mani for World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day and, as a tribute to all the brave souls who fight this deadly disease and all those compassionate professionals who dedicate their lives to finding a cure, I, along with several bloggers and polish enthusiasts around the world, have joined in to create and wear purple manicures for the day. So many of us have lost a loved one or known someone who's lost a loved one to this devastating disease, so many of us watch people we love suffer at the mercy of a disease that eats a person from the inside out, so many of us have stood by helpless as someone we love slips away. But as we remember those who have fought and succumbed, we must keep alive the hope of a cure for all those still fighting the good fight, the brave fight, the truly most admirable fight. So, today, we honor every friend, loved one and colleague who has fought and fought bravely.

My purple manicure was created using Colors by llarowe Paper Moon and Different Dimension Dueling Unicorns for the initials. AH on my middle finger is to lend strength, love and courage to one of my followers,  Barbara H's sister and her family. SG on the ring is to send my love to the Heavens for my childhood best friend, P's mom.

Please show your support of the fighters/survivors/bereaved loved ones of this devastating disease and our gratitude to all those who have dedicated their lives to a cure--please post your purple manis to my Facebook wall HERE or tag me on Instagram (@colorsutraa), both with the hashtags :
#purplemanis4WCD AND #WorldCancerDay.

Until next time,




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