Hi there, my darlings! So, the last couple of weeks have passed me by in nothing short of a blur. In my continued search for the right employment opportunity, I've devoted all my time to countless applications, innumerable interviews and stringent assessments. The Toronto job market is tough, I tell you! Despite all these efforts, nothing has borne fruit as of yet. If you have ever been in a similar predicament, you probably can relate to the stress and frustration. It definitely doesn't leave much time for pampering or taking care of yourself. Such has been life for me! In the midst of all this, there recently appeared a silver lining to all the thunderclouds.

At the beginning of May, Delineation Salon in Rosedale reached out to me to invite me to their salon for a complimentary facial. Now, I have really sensitive skin which does not do well with facials. So, after checking out their website, I asked them if I could come in for a hair service instead. They graciously accepted right then and scheduled a time for me to chat with them over the phone to get an idea of what I was looking for. Major brownie points already!

I spoke to Sherry on the phone the next day who was incredibly warm and attentive to my needs. I, for one, had nothing particular in mind, save for the fact that I was sick to death of my balayage and my hair needed help! Sherry raved about their stylist, Richard and I happily agreed to leave myself in his seemingly capable hands, with the general idea of bringing my hair color back to a more natural, all-over consistently colored state.

The day prior to my appointment, I realized quite late that I hadn't washed my hair in a couple of days and wasn't sure if I should wash it or not--Google was split on whether it's best to leave it unwashed to allow the hair's natural oils to work with the color or go in with a clean head of hair. So, I sent off a message via Instagram, admittedly quite late. I was pleasantly surprised when they answered within minutes and assured me that there was no need to wash my hair, as they would take care of it when I went in. More brownie points!

The day of my appointment, I arrived in time at the salon, which is conveniently located just steps away from the Rosedale subway station, to be warmly greeted by the front-desk staff and directed immediately to Richard, who ran over and greeted me equally warmly. We chatted for a bit, talking about my platforms, as he sweetly asked me where I "influenced". I was already quite taken with this handsome, well-spoken man!

Before I sat down for my treatment, I wandered around a bit, with their permission, taking some pictures for this post. I noticed that Delineation carries a plethora of high-end, luxury hair care products within the salon, readily available for purchase. So, if your stylist uses something you love or recommends a specific product, chances are you won't have to go hunting for it. Convenient, right?!

Now, back to Richard! After introductions and a bit of chitchat, we talked about what I was looking for. As I mentioned, I didn't have anything particular set in mind--all I knew is that I wanted to get rid of my balayage and bring my hair to a more consistent, all-over color. I was thinking a rich, chocolate brown. To that end, I showed Richard a few pictures and asked his opinion.

Now, my poor hair was fried. And I mean, CRISPY! The ends were a mess and my hair was dry, brittle, in serious need of help. As you can see below, there was no shape left to speak of. Richard had a challenge in front of him. Since my hair was already so brassy and orange where the highlights had been placed, he decided to use cooler browns to balance out the tones. He mixed three separate cool browns, after gauging the effect on my complexion with sample strands, and got to work. He assured me that he would use the highlights still in my hair to my advantage.

40 minutes and a lot of interesting conversation later, I was ready for my hair to be washed. Oh and what a wash it was! Richard has strong yet gentle hands and his wash feels more like a massage than anything else, very reminiscent of the ones I used to indulge in while in India. It's safe to say I almost fell asleep!

Next, he went to work trimming my ends and giving me a new shape, as well as some long, side-swept bangs in front (as per my request). Finally, I got a generous application of Olaplex's new, leave-in conditioner (which I must now find, since they had run out at the salon) and a lovely, sexy blow-out--he's really gentle while doing this, too, which makes such a difference when you have hair as long as mine. And voilà! How gorgeous does my hair look?! Richard is truly a master!

What I love most about my hair is that, while it's darker in person, Richard really did take advantage of my existing highlights. They're just deeper, richer, less brassy so my hair still has depth and isn't flat or monotonous. Most importantly, it feels as good as it looks!

So, here's to Richard and Delineation Salon. My experience with them was simply amazing! They are a high-end salon with none of the snootiness and all the warmth that makes you want to go back over and over. I know I will! Especially since Richard is a GENIUS!

So there you have it, my darlings! A single process color treatment like mine would cost you anywhere from $85 to $120 CAD--worth every single penny and definitely not as expensive as some other places I have heard about! Check out Delineation's full range of services HERE.

If you want to know a little more about Delineation, you can find them through the social media platforms below :


Looking for Richard? I was too! Find him on Instagram HERE.

Tell me what you think of my new hair color, my darlings! I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

***This service was provided complimentary. All opinions are my own.***


  1. What a lovely job he did! You look amazing, and your hair is GORGEOUS!

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous!!! Your hair got so long and lovely ❤❤

  3. The difference is major. I'm so impressed. I wish I had Richard around me. Your hair looks lovely.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Richard did a wonderful job. Your hair looks so healthy too

  5. Your hair looks amazing! Job searching is so stressful, glad you could take a day to e pampered.

  6. Your hair looks so good! Love it!

  7. He did a fantastic job at turning around those fried locks of yours. I never would have known that your hair was damaged before when seeing the finished product.

  8. Wow!! The after looks amazing. That cut is perfect for you and it looks so healthy!

  9. Oh my goodness!! I loveee this so much! Your hair looks absolutely stunning and you look so happy with the final result!

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