Hi there, my darlings! As a blogger, I have been fortunate enough to be able to test out A LOT of brands and products over the years. Even with the international move, that hasn't changed much. But, while I often really like some of the things I try, there are only a few brands I go back to and only a few products that make it to my must-have list. Over the last couple of years, one of the brands I reach for most often is ColourPop...and from what I hear, I'm not alone. Many, many bloggers and influencers have fallen in love with their affordable yet high-quality products. And the fact that they ship internationally at a very reasonable price point is just the cherry on top. Ever wonder, though, what exactly it is that influencers love the most? Well, I did! So, I have put together a list of products that several influencers around the globe discovered in 2017 and swear by. Here they are...straight from their mouths and hearts!

⭐Vanessa -- Beauty Products Are My Cardio

Fave pick of 2017: Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Wisp

Why she loves it: "I am obsessed with this highlighter because the formula is so smooth and easy to apply. It’s not glittery and looks natural on the skin. Perfect gold shade. It has a creamy texture so I find it to be perfect for more mature skin and with an $8 price tag you can’t go wrong!"

⭐Priyanka -- Glamour and Giggles

Fave pick of 2017: Ultra Blotted Lip in Doozy

Why she loves it: "Doozy for sure! I love the shade because it is SO flattering on my skin tone and perfect to wear under so many different liners - both lighter and darker than the shade to create beautiful looks. The formula is SO perfect for those looking for more natural, long wearing shades in comfortable matte finish."

⭐Honey -- Honeygirl's World

Fave pick of 2017: Ultra Satin Lip in Frick N' Frack

Why she loves it: "Frick N' Frack is a gorgeous rosy terracotta shade. This lippy literally has been my go-to color for bold and dramatic or everyday wearable looks. I have used it so much that I am on my second tube of this product. It is the perfect shade for my warm skin tone (looks great on all skin tones) and I love the way it feels on my lips, non-drying and comfortable to wear. This shade provides me with great color payoff, longevity and a stunning lip look with minimal effort. Choosing one fave ColourPop product for 2017 was a huge struggle, so I went with one that I used the most."

⭐Mai -- Portrait of Mai

Fave pick of 2017: Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park

Why she loves it: "The Ultra Satin Lip is a great formula for people who want to use liquid lipsticks but hate how they usually wear. Echo Park is my favorite, it's pigmented, long-lasting, and won't dry out your lips!"

⭐Jennifer -- Modern Chic Mag

Fave pick of 2017: Ultra Matte Lip in Flurries from their Holiday 2017 collection

Why she loves it: "As someone who has shied away from matte lip products in the past, I wanted to give ¨Flurries¨ a try. On the first swipe I was blown away by the mauve pink shade and the intense color payoff. But more importantly, the super matte finish felt comfortable on the lips and has great lasting power- two big pros for me. Now it’s my go to matte lippie."

⭐Katie -- From My Vanity

Fave pick of 2017: Yes Please Palette

Why she loves it: "The color variety is very unique from the other palettes in my collection and the quality is outstanding. The shadows are very pigmented and blend so effortlessly and beautifully. And considering this palette is only $16, you really can't go wrong with this warm toned palette!"

⭐Sahrish -- Sahrish Adeel

Fave pick of 2017: Lippie Stix in Mirror Mirror

Why she loves it: "It is an absolutely stunning matte berry shade that I have ever tried. The formula is smooth and dries quickly to a matte velvety finish with over 5 hours of wear time. I am absolutely in love with this shade!"

⭐Jenn -- Spiced Beauty

Fave pick of 2017: No Filter Concealer in Deep 70

Why she loves it: "I have normal skin so I can get away with wearing quite a few different concealer finishes. It's full coverage! A little bit goes a LONG way. Also since it's a matte finish, I personally feel like how long lasting it is!"

⭐Nik -- Nik Makeup Junkie

Fave pick of 2017: Super Shock Shadow in Fringe

Why she loves it: "I love it because it works for everything. You can apply it with just a transition shade in the crease for an easy daytime look or apply it to the lid and outer corner with a cut crease. It’s just the best lid shade."

⭐Noelle -- XO, Noelle

Fave pick of 2017: My Little Pony Palette

Why she loves it: "The My Little Pony Palette ($16) is a 12 pressed powder eyeshadow palette inspired by the colorful, retro ponies we all know and love from the 80's. This palette contains six metallics, one opalescent sheen, two satins and three mattes. Oh my goodness, you guys. This is such a fun mix of colors! I hesitated buying this at first because I wasn't sure what looks I could really create but the possibilities are endless."

⭐Courtney -- Phyrra

Fave pick of 2017: Brow Pencil in Jet Set Black

Why she loves it: "It's often hard to find cool-toned dark brow products but this one is perfect. It looks great on me."

⭐Shipra -- Taneja's Bride

Fave pick of 2017: Matte X in New Rules

Why she loves it: "It's the PERFECT pink for me."

⭐Babi -- ColorSutraa (ME!)

Fave pick of 2017: Ultra Matte Lip in Mwah

Why I loves it: Berry lipsticks are my favorite! Dark berries, mid-toned berries, bright berries, you name it and I probably have a shade. But this punchy raspberry-red beauty, created in collaboration with, has totally won my heart! It's such a bright, happy shade which totally flatters my East-Indian skin tone and I find the Ultra Matte formula to be my best bet for all-day wear, when I don't want to have to bother with repeatedly re-applying my lipstick. I usually apply a smidge of lip balm and then this shade--no lip liner needed! And can we also talk about how fast, affordable and easy international shipping is from ColourPop?! So glad that they managed to keep my makeup obsession sated without completely breaking my bank account! 

*Wondering where you can find these adorable swatch stencils? Check out Vino Vinyls!

⭐Jorja -- The Jorja Beauty

Fave pick of 2017: Semi Precious Palette

Why she loves it: "The Semi Precious palette is definitely underrated and one of my favourite releases this year! Though this isn’t a palette in which can create a cohesive and complete look, the metallics in this palette are all you need in your collection as they really give any look an extra dimension (and a bit of extra sparkle, of course)! Every single metallic in this palette is smooth, buttery and fully opaque, with no fallout; for the price, you really can’t go wrong with this gorgeous palette!"

⭐Krissy -- Krissy and Libby

Fave pick of 2017: Super Shock Shadow in Ritz

Why she loves it: "Because glitter. Because animals."

⭐Claudia -- Fans ColourPop Latam

Fave pick of 2017: Pressed Powder Shadow in Come and Get It

Why she loves it: "My favorite pressed powder shadow is "Come And Get It". It's the perfect rose-gold duochrome. It's so unique and beautiful."

⭐Morgan -- Morgan Emily G Makeup

Fave pick of 2017: Super Shock Shadow in Half Light

Why she loves it: "I love the super shock shadow in Half Light because it is so unique! It is a duochrome of pink/purple and green. The formula is amazing and it is very glittery. Although this exact product was part of the limited edition holiday collection, i highly recommend Colourpop’s super shock shadows in general and they have other duochrome colors in the current line up."

⭐Tabata -- Ciao Miau

Fave pick of 2017: Dusk till Dawn set

Why she loves it: "The colors are just amazing, if you love glittery shadows this set is for you! And the box it comes in is just as pretty."

⭐Ebube -- Makeup by Ebube

Fave pick of 2017: Dream St. Palette

Why she loves it: "I know this palette came out at the end of the year but I can't stop reaching for this. Not only does this palette have a bomb burnt orange in it (Potion), it has the most amazing dark teal metallic shade (Mermaid Boy). I can get an everyday look out of this palette or go all out with the blue shades. It has been really difficult not to use this palette every time I do my makeup. If you don't have the Dream St. palette, I definitely recommend buying it. I will be grabbing another because I'm definitely going to end up hitting pan on Potion."

⭐Ashlyn -- Ashylyn Ann Makeup

Fave pick of 2017: Yes, Please! Palette

Why she loves it: "This palette is decidedly my favorite for a variety of reasons:
1. This was the company’s first Pressed Powder Pallet, which gave way to a whole collection of different Pressed Powder pallets to follow.
2. This ground breaking pallet sold out every re-stock for several months! That’s how high in demand this baby was.
3. Warm colors have definitely been on trend this year, and the Yes, Please! pallet put together a beautiful collection of mattes and shimmers to create a variety of stunning warm looks.
4. Did I mention it’s only $16??? Where else can you get an eyeshadow pallet of this kind of quality for such a low price?"

⭐Victoria -- Victoria Ellyse

Fave pick of 2017: Double Entendre Palette

Why she loves it: "While I love ColourPop for all it’s colors this palette is the perfect everyday palette for my skin tone and I use it all the time. I’m even considering getting one to keep in my work bag!"

So there you have it, my darlings! While some of these products (including mine, unfortunately) were limited edition, you can still find many of these recommendations on ColourPop's HERE.

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Have you jumped on the ColourPop bandwagon yet? If so, what are some of your favorites? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!


  1. I absolutely love how we all have different selections but many of the ones showcased, were also faves. It was so hard to choose just one. lol

  2. Wow what a great compilation of picks from ColourPop! I’m loving their pressed shadows lately.

  3. Wow, Babi, what a fantastic favorites post with wonderful diversity among the bloggers who participated! I'm still a big fan of the Super Shock Shadows, and based on these faves, I will pick up Half Light with my next order.

  4. This is a great post. I'm so glad you rounded up these lovely ladies to share. I have so much unused ColourPop and need to start using it. I am most surprised that Nik used the concealer for her eyes. I bought their lightest shade which is too light but now I'll try it on my eyes.

    1. Yikes, Marsha, typo! Nik's pick was misprinted, I apologize!

  5. Good to see everyone’s favorite. I have only tried their matte lipsticks before when they first came out.

  6. Wow, what a fun post filled with so many blogger favorites!

  7. I spy so many pretties that are going on my wishlist!

  8. I will definitely have to bookmark this page! What a fantastic round-up.

  9. Love everyone's picks! I used to be so obsessed with ColourPop, but I haven't bought anything from them in 2 years.

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