7 Beauty Products To Chase Away The Winter Blues!

Hi there, my darlings! Please welcome me back from the land of the Walking Dead! WHEW! I tell you, the new year did not start off that great for yours truly. I caught the MOTHER of all colds/flus/whatevers and have been coughing my very lungs out since Christmas night. Antibiotics haven't helped, cough syrups have done nothing, and all the home remedies just left a bad taste in my mouth. But, finally, finally, a new medicine seems to be working and I seem to be coming out of this misery. Add to that these chilly temperatures (yes, even all the way here in India!) and the fact that it gets dark at something like 4 pm, I've been in quite the funk. So, what does a girl do when she's been miserable for way too long? Well, if you're a girl like me, at the first sign of recovery, you pamper yourself with some of your favorite, mood-uplifting beauty products. And of course, you share with your patient readers!


Cold weather and can do a number on our skin, leaving it lifeless and dull. Much like how I've been feeling lately. But if you're looking for a quick fix to brighten your day AND your skin, a good mask is the way to do!

I recently discovered the awesomeness that is the Blue Agave Mask from PUR Cosmetics. First of all, it's blue. The fact that it has a color might have absolutely nothing to do with its efficacy but it sure is fun to look at! And I'll take my fun anywhere I can find it! Add to that the fact that this dries to an even more fun sheet very reminiscent of all those childhood days spent peeling Elmer's glue off my hands and I've got a winner here.

The mask itself isn't just fun to play--it does help your skin. With refreshing ingredients like green tea and ginseng, it works to revive dull skin, leaving it feeling more vibrant and soft to the touch.

Next, let's not forget your eyes. If you have ever had sinus congestion, you know how painful the area under the eyes can get from the pressure build-up. A little warmth goes a long way in soothing that pain. Which is why I really liked these Gentle Steaming Eye Masks from MegRhythm. These warm up on contact, to soothe and hydrate the delicate under-eye area. Even when you're dying of sinus congestion!

When it comes to moisturizing, especially when I'm sick, I'll be the first to admit that I often slack off. And my skin pays the price. So, to make up for my transgressions, I often rely on the quick pick-me-up that is a good sheet mask. If you're looking for a wide variety of sheet masks (and masks in general) at a really affordable price, check out Miss Spa at Ulta. I highly recommend the Charcoal Detox Modeling Mask and the Red Wine Healing Sheet Mask--I mean, how could I resist?!

Or, bring out your inner child with these adorable sheet masks from Pretty Animalz, found at your local Target. Who can be blue when you have a sheet mask on that makes you looks like a panda?!


Is there anything better than a long, scaldingly hot shower in the dead of winter? I don't think so! But, for me personally, you can keep your minty body washes. Give me all the tropical, fruity scents that let me forget, for just those minutes in the shower, that it's an arctic tundra outside. Cue my love for the Tropical Dream Body Wash from Kneipp. Mango, starfruit, citrus notes. Everything to let you escape to a tropical paradise in the comfort of your bathroom!

I have just very recently discovered a new body care brand that I'm really loving. Le Couvent des Minimes has launched in the US through Amazon with a line of body products, packaged in a beautifully retro, apothecary-style look. I'm a HUGE fan of their Hiker's Foot Healer! Just what I need for a Winter night before bedtime--a foot massage with a luxurious, Shea Butter-infused cream that actually helps my ever-cracked heels.


Please tell me I'm not the only one who likes to wear at the very least a body spray or mist even when I'm lounging at home?! If you're like me, fragrance is a form of aromatherapy, immediately uplifting your mood with just a spritz or two. But, most fragrances can get pricey, if you don't catch a good sale. Lucky for us, Hard Candy has recently launched two very affordable new fragrance products, dubbed Pink and Black, at Walmart. You can find a lovely, floral scented Pink body mist or an equally enticing, fruity/floral blend Black Eau de Parfum, both for well under $15 each. Or vice versa! Take your pick!

So there you have it, my darlings! 7 beauty faves that are guaranteed to chase those Winter Blues away!

Do you have a beauty product that never fails to uplift your mood? Tell me in the comments section below! I always love to hear from you!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. Those animal masks are so fun, I always smile when I see someone wearing one!

  2. I need some perking up so I'm glad you reminded me of the things I have that could do that. I'll find my animal masks since I haven't done a mask in a week. And as soon as my shower is done I'm loading it with great washes like the Kneipp's. I hope your cold is better.

  3. So sorry you've been feeling bad. I know what you mean about it getting dark at 4pm--same thing here--yuck! I really enjoyed this post and it's reminded me to get out my masks!

  4. I love Kneipp but I didn't know they had mango scented products - need!

  5. I want to try the blue agave mask!

  6. You were not kidding! These products would definitely help my mood, at least for a little while! I would love the PUR Blue Agave Mask, the Kneipp Body Wash, the animal masks. Gee, I'd like them all!

  7. What great picks to pamper oneself and to chase away the winter blues!

  8. I picked up a bunch of Le Couvent des Minimes from Brussels, and am regretting not buying more.

  9. You've got me wanting to haul some masks! Those options sound great.

  10. The bubble pad sounds so fun! I would bring something like that for traveling.

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