This Spring, #SAVETHEUNDIES with U by Kotex and become an #UNDERWARRIOR...PLUS FREE SAMPLES!

Hi there, my darlings! ColorSutraa has been all about bringing you the best in beauty products to help YOU feel beautiful! And there's no woman more beautiful than a confident woman! To me, a confident woman is a woman who's comfortable in her skin...but it's not always easy being comfortable and confident, is it? Especially around that dreaded time of the month! I don't know about you but I can use all the help I can get being confident and happy when that time of month rolls around--be it a bright color to brighten up my mood, a nibble or more of my favorite chocolate or feeling fresh and clean with the right feminine hygiene products. With U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core snugly tucked away in my purse or in my bathroom, I know I'll always be matter what time of the month! Here's to proudly being an #UnderWarrior!

Want to become an #UnderWarrior with U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core and join in to #SaveTheUndies? Just click HERE to order your FREE SAMPLES!

This Spring, I've promised myself that I will travel more, meet up with my favorite people more often and treat myself to a few new items for my closet. Last weekend, I already bought a couple of pretty new undies in pretty spring pastels! But lots of travel, especially using the Tristate area's extensive public transportation system, during that time of the month? Will those pretty, pastel undies be ruined forever? Nope! U by Kotex with its unique 3D Capture Core has me covered! YAY for the #SaveTheUndies campaign!

My favorites? The U by Kotex All-Nighter Overnight Pads! Even in the daytime! Why? I like the feeling of being COMPLETELY protected, from all sides, as I run about all live long day--from a long commute to a busy day running the labs. The 3D Capture Core keeps me fresh, clean and dry for hours at a time and the cottony pads are gentle on sensitive skin. Plus, how pretty is this packaging?! Who says that time of month has to be gloomy and miserable?! Nope! Wear your pretty pastels and rest assured that U by Kotex has got your back!

Want to become an #UnderWarrior with U by Kotex with 3D Capture Core and join in to #SaveTheUndies? Just click HERE (or on the image below!) to order your FREE SAMPLES!

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  1. Very cute considering they are pads! If you need them though, they might as well be fun & cute!

  2. What pretty packaging!! I sadly or happily, depending how you look at it no longer need these products, made it over the hill! Although, now that I think about it they are prettier than Depends! Ha ha! Thanks for the great review.

  3. More useful than most giveaways!

  4. I am doing a sponsored post with them as well. I really love them :) Congrats on your first sponsored post!!

  5. Awesome! I just ordered some free samples. =) Thanks!


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