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I am super excited to take over... ummm... I mean contribute to Colorsutraa's blog while she's busy with her sister's wedding.  You've probably seen lots of nail art over the past few day's so I thought I share a super easy look that requires no nail art tools whatsoever! I mean, sometimes we just need a quick and easy mani that isn't boring!

I admit that I am a glitter addict.  I have more glitter top coats than I care to count and yet I still fine myself craving more.  I've learned to keep those craving under control by combining the glitter polishes I already have to create fun unique combos.

Zoya Skylar, Color Club Savoy Nights, Zoya Maisie and Darling Diva Polish Shop Till You Drop.

You will need a solid base colour and multiple styles of glitter polish.  I chose Zoya Skylar as my base because the shimmer is fairly subtle and will contrast with the glitter.  I then chose three different glitter styles to layer: CC Savoy Nights - a chunkier glitter, Zoya Maisie - a flakie glitter and DDP Shop Till You Drop - a micro glitter.  I find it looks nicest to layer your glitter starting with the largest/chunkiest and ending with the smallest.

  1. Paint your nails with your solid base colour. Use enough coats for it to be opaque and let dry. 
  2. Apply your largest glitter. For me this was Savoy Nights. I chose to sweep it up the side and across the nail tip but you could apply to the whole nail if you like. 
  3. Apply your medium glitter to the same area as the large glitter. For me this was Maisie. 
  4. Apply your micro glitter over the same area as the other two glitter. I used DDP Shop Till You Drop as my micro glitter.

Since you do have lots of layers I suggest using a thicker top coat to seal everything up.  I used Seche Vite for my manicure.  The result is a super sparkly unique glitter combo.  Photos of the mani were taken in natural lighting.

I really love how this combination turned out.  Even if you only own a few glitter toppers there is still the potential for tons of combinations.  Bonus - it's so simple and quick to do!  If you want to check out more of my nail polish adventures come and visit my in my natural habitat at  I had lots of fun coming up with the post and I hope you enjoyed it too.

Happy polishing,
Michelle aka The Lazy Laquerista

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