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Let it be known that I spent about twelve years looking at pictures online of Indian things for inspiration for this post. Embroidered textiles, sari fabric designs, Indian architecture… and I loved all of it, but the amazing amount of detail that seriously seems to go into EVERYTHING I was seeing could never be replicated by me, Ms. Shaky McWobblehands, especially using nail polish. I wanted my nail art to not suck though because, uh, I like doing things that don't suck generally, and especially because I don't want to blemish the lovely blog that is ColorSutraa with my novice meh-ness. Hey… speaking of ColorSutraa, I sure do like the blog's color scheme and design… *light bulb*

Let's do water marbling, okay? Because I haven't before, and because I like to live life to the extreme. I tried making water marble stickers by letting the polish dry on top of the water before removing it in a fancy marbly sheet… nope. I don't know what the heck, but just no. I decided to suck it up and just do it, and I'm like, pretty okay with the result! I started off painting each nail with the mint green polish, then used a combination of polish and clear top coat for the water marble so the base color was present in the design since it was so goopy it refused to play nice in the water. Then, you know, dots. Then top coat, and studs, and BAM GIRL. ColorSutraa all over my nails.

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Mint Sorbet for the base of each nail, and the water marbles were made using Sinful Colors - Forget Now (pink), Rain Storm (blue), Beatnick (teal) and OPI - Funky Dunkey (purple) with the dots on my ring finger being Funky Fingers - Gesso. I have about a billion of the hot pink studs so I was happy to finally use some of them for the design.

So there you go, friends. Thanks for reading!

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