Hi there, my darlings! Spring has been interesting so far in Canada--there are some gorgeous days, nippy but pleasant, while others have been downright cold. I'm still trying to figure out if Canada even really has a Spring! While I'm trying to figure out Spring, it seems lots of people are already counting down the days to Summer. Are you one of them? If so, April 2019's BoxyCharm should get you right in the mood! Take a look!

ARTIST COUTURE Diamond Glow Powder in Summer Haze ($27.00 USD)

Inspired by free-spirited summer fun, this shade has a light champagne pink base with shimmering multicolored pearls. It is an all natural, finely milled loose powder safe to use on the face, eyes, lips and body.

Let me just begin by saying that I am seriously miffed with the packaging. A new tub of this has a little plastic that tightly covers the sprinkler head, which, by the way, is nearly impossible to get off. In an attempt to remove it, I tried to take off the whole cover, which then didn't just come guessed it! It POPPED off, spraying loose highlighter powder EVERYWHERE. I mean, everywhere...I'm still finding remnants around my room. Hmmph. That being said, the product itself is quite pretty--a flattering gold that isn't too ostentatious and can be use in a multitude of way, e.g, highlighter, eyeshadow, mixed with blush etc. Just that packaging...oof.

LUXIE Summer Daze 3 pc Brush Set ($28.00 USD)

Introducing our Summer Daze Collection this festival season! This fun 3 piece set is all you need to unleash your makeup creativity. Apply your favorite glitter and shadows with our Luxie 245 and Luxie 209. Finish that up with applying your favorite blush and bronzer with the Luxie 512.

Brushes include:

  • Luxie 209 Large Shader
  • Luxie 245 Small Shader
  • Luxie 512 Small Contouring

If you're more successful with the loose powder above and need a few brushes to apply it with, look no further than this soft, handy little set from Luxie. Perfect for all your highlighting needs, the bright handles just scream "Summer, here we come!".

STARLOOKS Ultra-Gem Longwear Eye Pencil in Cosmic ($19.00 USD)

Luxurious pigmentation that lasts all day and provides the most glam looks you can possibly accomplish!

This is such a pretty eyeliner! A silvery-lilac that would look absolutely lovely in the waterline. I also really love the feel and texture of this--really soft and glides on super easily without breaking into pieces. Important considerations when you're aiming for the sensitive waterline. It IS a little on the pricier side so I probably wouldn't pick it up if it wasn't included in this month's box but since it is, I'm really happy to give it a whirl!

BUTTER LONDON Power Up mascara ($20.00 USD)

Level up your eyelash game for all day lashes! butter LONDON Power Up All Day Wear Mascara instantly delivers length, dramatic curl and definition to individual lashes with long-lasting, flexible 8-hour wear. The creamy, oil-free water-resistant formula is infused with hydrating Jojoba Extract, so eyelashes appear thicker and more volumized without clumping, smudging or flaking.

The multi-functional, lash-catching, curved brush features micro-combs to reach even the smallest lashes while soft-flex bristles create a 360 degree panoramic effect… it’s naturally eye catching.

  • Longwear (8+ hours of wear)
  • Oil Free – 100% safe for lash extensions
  • Creamy, water-resistant formula with comfortable flexible wear
  • Unique nourishing wax blend delivers instant length, dramatic curl & definition
  • Infused with Jojoba Extract to soften & hydrate eyelashes, so they appear thicker and more volumized over time
  • Specialized Polymer reduces smudging and flaking
  • Dual-Purpose curved mascara brush has micro-combs for precise application and soft-flex bristles stretch & lengthen the look of eyelashes
  • Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Always Cruelty Free

When I think of Butter London, I think nail polish. I knew they had come out with lipsticks but mascara? That's news to me! Good news, too! My lashes love the thick, comb-like wand which gives me all the volume I want! Plus, since I have been considering treating myself to lash extensions, I am really happy that I would be able to use this with them!

PUR COSMETICS Festival palette ($36.00 USD)

Putting together a one-of-a-kind festival makeup look is easy with this limited-edition, 12-piece pressed pigment palette with blue light defense. Complete with a bold, imaginative mix of highly pigmented shimmer, matte and glitter pigments that effortlessly build and blend onto the skin, this palette has everything you need to achieve the show-stopping looks you crave. From boho-inspired, wearable metallics to eye-catching glitters that add a gorgeous pop of sparkle, each cruelty-free pigment is infused with skin-loving ingredients. Bask in the antioxidant-rich benefits of Energy Complex, that’s made from a signature blend of Green Tea, Ginseng and Vitamin B, to deliver much-needed nutrients to help achieve a healthier-looking complexion. Plus, this limited-edition palette is uniquely formulated to help protect against signs of aging caused by high energy visible blue light, so you can go about your day confidently. Stand out from the crowd and easily elevate your daily looks—from brunch to girl’s night—and every event in-between.

If you've been with me for awhile, you probably don't need me to say it but I'm going to! I LOVE THIS PALETTE! Bright, bold colors paired with 3 types of finish (metallic glitter creams, shimmers and mattes), this palette is a party waiting to happen! Formula-wise, very impressed! I was even happy with how the glitter creams applied--they didn't make a huge mess and I could get enough product on just by dabbing without having to waste a bunch of it. If you're a fan of bold colors, you're gonna love this palette! Thank you, Boxycharm!

Oh and just as I was finishing up swatching, this sachet popped out of the palette's box. Presumably for the glitter creams, this is going to be handy when I do decide to rock those glitters!

So there you have it, my darlings! You can sign up for your very own Boxycharm subscription on their site HERE. At just $21 a month, it, if you do the math, is a STEAL! Shipping is free within the US and an additional $5 throughout Canada!

For sneak peeks and all the latest, don't forget to follow Boxycharm through the social media outlets below:


Have you signed up for Boxycharm yet? What do you think of this month's box? Tell me in the comments section below!

***Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.***


  1. That is a really great value! As always, your swatches are fantastic!

  2. My Boxycharm is almost the same but not exactly. I have it in a giveaway through 4/29 since I promised my DH I'd save fewer products.

  3. You got the same box as me and I love it!

  4. I really love the brushes and the palette!! Don't worry the nice spring weather will be here shortly!! Miss you!!!

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