Hi there, my darlings! So...I've been working with BoxyCharm fr several months now and every single box has been a hit, for me personally. I've loved the selection of products, the brands included and most importantly, the full-size palettes that inevitably came each month! Well, there's a blip in every love story and I think this month, we have hit that. This month's box for me was just ok, nothing as exciting as past months. Yes, great brands are included and I even liked most of the products but there was a certain cohesiveness missing and definitely missing the wow factor. Anyways, I daresay that it's still a pretty solid box and totally worth the price. Take a peek!

SOL DE JANEIRO Coco Cabana Cream ($20.00 USD for 75 mL)

Moisture Magnet Oil-in-Water Body Cream

Our MOST moisturizing body cream – 72 hours of moisture.

In Brazil, we give our bodies the same love and attention as face – if not more. Like a deep Brazilian pool of absolute body love, this oil-in-water gel cream hydrates deeply with our moisture-attracting CocoSugar Blend of luscious coconut and sugar, and scents deliciously with our mouthwatering Cheirosa ’39 fragrance and notes of toasted coconut, creamy caramel, and buttery praline. This coco-amazing cream instantly transforms dry, dehydrated, irritated skin into its softest, bounciest, most luscious version of itself. And benefits only get better and better with continued pampering and body love.

I'm so torn about this product! I've tried the Bum Bum Cream from Sol de Janeiro and fell instantly in love with it. With this one, while I like the texture and the feel as well as the overall concept, I'm currently in winter mode and my skin needs MORE...if you know what I mean. I'm usually a huge fan of gel formulas and prefer it to thicker lotions but Canadian winters are no joke and you gotta bust out the big guns. This tropically-scented, incredibly-heavy-on-the-coconut-notes gel cream is more of a summer essential, at least for me. I'm going to stash it away until the weather gets better!

What it is:
A light, silky primer that blurs the look of pores and wrinkles, while enhancing the wear of makeup.

Solutions for:

Uneven skin tone
Fine lines and wrinkles

If you want to know more…
No Poreblem Primer provides seamless coverage for concealing pores and uneven skin tone, while creating an invisible layer that acts as a barrier to outside elements. It leaves skin velvety, smooth, and fresh—and completely prepped for flawless makeup application.

I really, really like this primer and to think, I almost wouldn't have even given it a second look. To be very honest, I keep my face makeup to a bare minimum so inevitably skip primer. I can't handles layers and layers on my face so usually just stick to a BB cream or cushion foundation, plus some concealer on my good days. That being said, I like this because it's so light, so easily blended and it really does blur your pores amazingly. After this picture, I rubbed the product into my hand and was literally astonished at the effect--I had to shine a flashlight on my skin to get a better look! It smooths out imperfections so well that it really is worth the extra step to your makeup routine!

An über long wearing eye shadow pencil that highlights, provides intense luminous color, precise lining and primes lids for all day wear.

This longwearing, waterproof, neutral eye shadow pencil delivers and highlights the face’s highpoints; like cheekbones, tear ducts and brow arch. This 4-in-1 application is easy to use, but still gives intense color, precise lining, and primes lids for all day wear. Ideal for oily lids, these fun and sassy touch n’go makeup stix are soft and super gliding, easy to blend, with even payoff that will provide a quick and easy ‘nude look, but better’ for all faces in all places.

Available in 12 shades, Copper Foil is shown below.

I've been wanting to try Nudestix for awhile so I was really excited that this product was included in the box. Even after just one swatch, I'm hooked and can totally see why there's such hype surrounding this brand. This pencil is velvety-smooth and incredibly pigmented. The tip is soft enough for delicate waterlines but can hold its own when directly applying to the skin. It dries to a waterproof finish that indeed is quite hard to budge. Very happy with this baby!

A mascara so amazing, it’s Better Than Sex! This formula thickens, lengthens, and curls after just one coat for the most luscious, dramatic, and volumized lashes possible. The #1-selling prestige mascara in America, Better Than Sex, gives you mind-blowing lashes, every time


  • The #1-selling prestige mascara in America
  • FILM-FORMING POLYMER-Locks curl into place
  • UNIQUE PEPTIDES-Condition lashes

I had high hopes for this mascara, based on the name alone. But, alas! While I like it, it's a well-performing mascara, I have to say that I don't LOVE it. I look for more volume, more oomph, more body for my lashes when it comes to mascaras and while this gives my lashes some of that, it wasn't earth-shattering or life-changing. In short, it didn't really live up to the name. LOL!

Shimmering Swan powder highlighter is a highly pigmented, long-wearing shimmer highlighter formula that is specially designed with photochromic technology to provide a radiant glow from any angle. This formula contains microspheres that help create a velvety smooth feel and a flawless finish. It is also infused with light-reflecting and pearlescent pigments that will leave your skin with a shimmery finish and ultra-reflective shine.

Available in 4 shades, Sparkling Sass is shown below.

Unfortunately, this beauty came shattered to bits in my box so I may not be as ecstatic over it as I normally would be. It's quite pigmented so as you can imagine, there was glitter and shimmer EVERYWHERE. I spent a bit of time pressing the product back into the gorgeous packaging because I do like the shade and the packaging is super pretty. The shade shown below is Sparkling Sass, a beautiful light shimmering gold that works really well with my skin tone. I'm going to use it, that's for sure, mess notwithstanding!

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***Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.***


  1. I was very curious about the new variant from Sol de Janeiro. If it isn’t hydrating enough for you now, it wouldn’t be for me either. The gorgeous OFRA Highlighter I got in my Ipsy Plus box arrived smashed too. Fortunately they replaced it for me. Hopefully Boxycharm will replace yours too

  2. I've been getting Boxycharm for years and have always enjoyed it. I've basically got the same box as yours but my Nudestix was missing. I contacted them and they are sending it out separately which I'm looking forward to.

  3. I'm really loving this primer as well!

  4. I heard nice things about this box

  5. This looks like a really great Boxycharm box.

  6. Oh wow our boxes were a bit different! I got Farmacy instead of Sol de Janiero (but I love their lotions!) and I got a Tresique lipstick instead of the eye stick

  7. Great box! I love Nudestix and I really have to try some things from Pretty Vulgar soon!

  8. I loved my BoxyCharm box this month--wish I had gotten the NudeStix eyeshadow! I like the primer too, that was a surprise for me.


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