Easy DIY Manicures with SALLY HANSEN

Hi there, my darlings! So, I'm back from my month long vacation in the UAE! Back home (at least, temporarily in India). Which is a bit...whomp, for lack for a better term. The UAE surprised me--it's so much cleaner, more extravagant more exciting than India...so EXTRA! Which I absolutely love. So, coming home has been a bit of a let-down. Besides, I miss being with my sister. Yes, I know, I have a bit of the back-home blues! But, if there's one thing I missed while being away, it was my regular manicures. Now, having started my blogging journey exclusively doing nails, I take my manicures seriously. I prefer to do them at home and make sure I have all the proper tools to make not only my nails, but my cuticles look and feel good. Recently, I've turned to Sally Hansen for my nail care needs since they are affordable, easily available just about anywhere in the world and most importantly, easy to use! Take a look at some of my favorite products for an easy, DIY manicure from the comfort of my own home!


*STEP 1: 
All-in-one exfoliating treatment with rich gold formula that nourishes dry cuticles Instantly smooth cuticles and trap moisture into skin

Quartz granules buff and exfoliate cuticles. 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser is a must for healthy-looking, smooth cuticles. Exclusive gel texture combined with real gold trap moisture and nourishes cuticles.

Features an innovative applicator with a built-in cuticle pusher cap, for a luminous, healthy-looking, beautiful nails and cuticles!

Healthy cuticles is a must for me but I tend to get dry, flaky cuticles quite frequently. Oh and little, annoying hangnails. But a quick treatment with this easy-to-use cuticle eraser followed by a quick scrape of the dead skin and pushing back my cuticles goes a long way to maintaining my cuticle health. The applicator tip is so easy to use and really allows you to get the product into all those nooks and crannies. A total essential for me!

*STEP 2: 
File! I use a glass nail file to keep my nails in a square or squoval shape. I also lightly buff my nail beds to keep them smooth, although I do have ridges naturally which need a base coat to smooth out.

*Step 3: 

Moisturizing and nourishing oil
Instantly restores radiance to nails and cuticles
Promotes strong, resilient natural nails

This is such a light and super absorbent yet nourishing cuticle oil that I find just a couple of applications will bring about a noticeable difference in my nail and cuticle health. I love the delicate, almost chocolate-y scent to it--I'm usually not a fan of food scents in my beauty products but this one is light enough for me to enjoy.

Then, on to color! Shown below are two shades that are perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Buffalo Nickel is a silver metallic polish. I found the application to be a bit on the patchier side and should have gone with 3 coats rather than the 2 coats shown below. Topped on the ring and pinkie fingers with their Miracle Gel topcoat. Metallics are always on trend for the Fall and Winter seasons and application aside, I love how pretty this silver is!

Red Eye is a classic, bright red creme with a warm orange undertone. Fabulous formula and application, this provides easy, full coverage in 2 coats. Topped with Miracle Gel topcoat on the middle and pinkie fingers, which I prefer because I get the smoothest finish and the ridges in my natural nails aren't at all visible. I'm a sucker for red nails and this one has become a fave with both myself and the mothership!

So there you have it, my darlings! You can find these and other Miracle Gel and Complate Salon Manicure polishes at your local CVSRiteAidWalgreensWalmartKmart or Ulta (among other fine retailers) for the price of $9.99 (prices may vary in different states) . Remember to follow Sally Hansen through the social media outlets below to learn more about their latest products :


Do you like to do your own manicures at home? If so, what are your go-to mani products? Tell me your favorite(s) in the comments section below!

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.****


  1. You chose two gorgeous shades. Love 'em both. What I need to get from Sally H. is a clean up pen. I am too lazy to put the barrier latex stuff on first so I should clean up afterwards but I'm too lazy to get a brush and remover. Hopefully Sally H can help!

  2. I always do my own nails! This time of year my cuticles get so ragged, I try all kinds of balms,oils and creams from indie makers but never thought of good old sally hansen! (Love the insta dri line!) And temporarily india?? Are you moving back to states????? 😊

  3. I promise to prettify my nails for the holiday, the silver one caught my fancy! where will you be spending the holidays?

  4. I just took out two Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes for my next manicure. I love the long lasting power of them. I will put the Nail & Cuticle Oil on my list since I have a 30% off coupon at CVS and don't have an oil like this.

  5. That silver polish is absolutely stunning, and so festive for the holidays!

  6. I love your macro shots - great pics!

  7. Okay, that silver looks incredible!

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