Too Fancy Lacquer Aphrodite, Positively Pink, Bejewelled and Set Fire To the Rain : Swatches, review and comparisons!

Hi my darlings!! I have a post for you today that is EMBARRASSINGLY late--I picked up a few of these beautiful holos from Too Fancy Lacquer way back in October and with Hong Kong's magically fast international shipping, I received them by mid-November too! But then, the gluttony of Thanksgiving happened...and the slight under-the-weather couple of weeks in December...and Christmas...and New Year's. Not to mention that I couldn't find the mini bottle of the earlier version of Aphrodite! ACK!!! Let me just stop right now, before these all sound like a bunch of flimsy excuses! Point is, I'm uber late with this post and I've apologized to Charlene, the super understanding maker of Too Fancy Lacquer, and all I have to say now is that the one who's been missing out most it turns out is...ME! Because, boy! These newly re-formulated holos are SPECTACULAR!

Before we jump into lots and lots of swatches, let me just mention the reformulation of the brand--Charlene has changed her base (which many of you found smelled rather strong) and increased the level of holo in ALL her polishes. By and large, from the four I swatched recently, I've found the formula to be even smoother and creamier than previously and the level of holo much more intense! All the swatches below show 2 coats by itself but this is just out of my own personal habit--every single one of them could have been ONE coater if you paint evenly with generous coats! So, in short, I'm super impressed with the new and improved formula and application of Too Fancy Lacquers and I can't wait to show you how gorgeous they are! Take a peek!

First, I have Aphrodite--a gorgeous blackened plum linear holographic polish, with rich, deep purple undertones! Isn't this such a great vampy shade for Winter?

With flash!

Comparison of old and new versions, with and without flash--index and ring fingers show 2 coats of the original version of Aphrodite and middle and pinkie fingers show 2 coats of Aphrodite reformulated. Look at the difference! WOWZA! The new one is a completely different polish!

Next, I have Positively Pink--a beautiful, feminine dark pink linear holographic polish! This one is a perfect shade for Spring, which I think we're ALL ready for here in the US!

With flash!

Next, I have the first of two blues from the Bluemuda Trio--Set Fire to the Rain is a stunning aqua/sapphire linear holographic polish! This polish is bright and pigmented and I absolutely ADORE it!

With flash!

Last but definitely not the least, I have the second blue I snagged, Bejewelled--a lush turquoise linear holographic polish, with green undertones! So frickin' GORGEOUS!!

With flash!

I loved Bejewelled as much as I loved Set Fire to the Rain and could NOT pick a favorite between the two so...I decided to do a comparison and let you guys pick for me! This should also give you a chance to see which one YOU need...or if you too need both! ;) The index and ring fingers show 2 coats of Bejewelled and the middle and pinkie fingers show 2 coats of Set Fire to the Rain, with and without flash!

So there you have it! 4 gorgeous, new-and-improved holographic polishes from Too Fancy Lacquer which you can find at her new Big Cartel shop HERE for $10.00 for a full-size, 0.5 oz bottle. She does ship world-wide and the cost of  international shipping  is surprisingly affordable--$3.50 for 1 polish and $1.00 for each subsequent polish, anywhere in the world! Not surprisingly, these beauties sell out super fast but you can snag either of the two gorgeous blues or some of her latest creations TOMORROW, January 9th at noon EST! Also, be sure to follow her Facebook page OR follow her @toofancylacquer on Instagram to keep updated on all the restock information!

Have questions, comments, suggestion for me? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Until next time,

****Products were purchased by me, at a blogger discount, for my own personal collection. All opinions are my own.****

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  1. I saw this brand on IG the other day, it's gorgeous I must try


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