Amy's Nail Boutique--Spring Has Sprung (pic heavy!)

I recently received four new holographic polishes from Amy's Nail Boutique to review and I went off last night with the full intention of swatching all four to show you guys. Well, that didn't happen! As soon as I put on first, I realized these polishes were way too gorgeous for mere swatch-and-remove. So, I decided that I would do full manicures with these beauties and post them for you as I did!

My first manicure out of the four is with Spring Has Sprung--a truly gorgeous petal pink linear holo. While the linear holo is not super strong, it is definitely a holo and the depth of pigmentation more than makes up for it! Now, it's pretty well known that the addition of the holographic pigment tends to "gray" out the polish and true pigmentation is a challenge. Not so with this polish! Spring Has Sprung is the perfect, bright pink for the arrival of Spring! The color works so well with my naturally tan complexion and I would imagine it's a shade of pink that would work for most complexions. In fact, this shade reminds me of the cherry blossoms in full bloom that one sees lining the roads as one drives into Long Island from Brooklyn--luscious and so feminine!

When speaking of application, I must say I was really impressed! I found none of the dragging or streakiness that's usually associated with holographic polishes. In fact, application was a total breeze, with subsequent coats going on smoothly and flawlessly for an even, streak-free finish. The formula is on the thinner side but I prefer this as it allows one the ability to layer or build up the color to one's own desired intensity. I used four thin coats, over Essie's Ridge-filling basecoat and topped it all off with one thin coat of HK Girl. The drying time was minimal, less than a minute per coat and the results truly phenomenal. See for yourself why I'm so enamored with this polish!

Here are some bottle shot. I absolutely love the presentation of these bottles, from the heart-shaped labels to the unique, individual charms on each! It goes to show how much love and care Amy puts into each of her creations.

Here's a pic to better show the holo in the bottle!

And finally, on the nail! I love how this color looks with my complexion!

With flash!

Oh and I almost forgot! A closeup to show the linear holo! =)

Overall, this polish has now made it to my favorites list! Don't forget that I'll be showing you at least 3 others soon, so stay tuned!! =)

If you would like to purchase Amy's unique holo creations, you can find them HERE for $10 a full-size 15 mL bottle! Don't forget to mention I sent you! Go show her some love! =)

Til next time,

****Products were sent to me for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own****

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